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About our company

Cuca is a multiple brand fashion company,founded in Athens in 1997 .

Operating shops: 1.Piraeus ,Hr. Polytehniou 55-57 ,2104297854 2. Ilioupoli , Irinis 24, 210 9945955

We are dedicated to discover and bring unique, quality and cost benefit clothes , shoes and accessories for the urban modern woman into Greek market.

Tracking the trends from fashion oriented countries like Italy, France, Japan and U.K., we supply our two shops our two shopsour two shopson weekly basis  , mainly with unknown,unidentified labels in the Greek market .These labels are fashionable and have quality and cost benefit characteristics.

We serve our clients more like friendly style advisors, aiming to maximize their shopping experience.

The B2B operational department enables the co partner shops throughout Greece to discover our fashion concept

Trough our new e-shop ,we aim to share  the Cuca fashion experience with more and more  people.

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Care Guide

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Size Chart

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